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Hearth  breads, Craft and Community, since 1988

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This  is our Reference List of  Web Sites

<ABAQ> Association des boulangers artisans du Quebec;
 <www.abqa>  Artisan Bakers Quality Alliance [of Ontario];

<www.acornorganic.org>  The slogan of the organization is: “The voice of    organics in Atlantic Canada”;
<www.bbga.org>  Bread Bakers Guild of America [US]. Professional organization concerned with  artisan baking;
<www.boulangerie.org/journal >  The site belongs to La Confederation National de la boulangerie.Patisserie (Paris), the syndicat of French artisan bakers; the page is the address of the official, bi-weekly organ,  Les nouvelles de la boulangerie;
<www.cafegourmet.ca>   Our coffee supplier since 1990;
<www.inbp.com>   Institut national de la boulangerie.patisserie, Rouen, France;
<www.lamilanaise.com>   Organic, stoneground and rollermill flour and pasta mill in the Bois Francs of Quebec, and currently (2009-10) miller of our white organic and rye flours;
<www.latoque.fr>   An E magasine aimed at various bakery trades;
<www.normalbread.com> The bakery web site of Dustin Cutler, who apprenticed at our bakery;
<www.ovencrafters.net>   Ovencrafters, the organization of  the late Alan Scott, dedicated to direct-fired, masonry ovens, stoneground flour & nutritional bread;
<www.premieremoisson.com>   A commercially dynamic bakery and flour mill in Montreal led by Madame Lilianne Colpron;
<www.sfbi.com>  San Francisco Baking Institute. A centre of baker-training in the French, artisanal tradition;
<www.speervilleflourmill.ca>  Our main supplier of organic grains and stoneground flour since 1990;
<www.syscoatlantic.ca>  International, institutional wholesaler, whose Moncton branch supplies our bakery with miscellaneous groceries and  restaurant supplies.

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